Which Apel USA Adhesive Applicator Is Right for You?

Which Apel USA Adhesive Applicator Is Right for You

Introduction to Apel USA Applicators

It can be hard to choose a good applicator for your project because there are so many to choose from. Here’s a guide to help you figure out which applicator is best for you and which one isn’t.

Choosing Your Apel USA Adhesive Applicator by the Level of Coverage You Need

People are putting together, packing, and installing things faster than ever before. If you want to keep up, you’ll need to have the right hot melt adhesive applicator in place at all times Most of the coverage options below can be found in both small-scale manual and large-scale systems, so you can find the best fit for your needs.


A tool called a “extrusion miadhesive applicator” is great when you need to apply a small amount of adhesive in a very precise way. These applicators are good at cutting things off and getting rid of strings and trails, and they are often used in small places. Assembling wood, packaging, and other products, extrusion devices like hand-held “guns” are often used to apply hot melt to the surface of the products. This is one of our favorite things.

To Cover Large Areas: Spray Applicators

They can spread hot melt over a bigger area than other applicators, which is a good thing. If you need to apply hot melt to furniture, foam packaging, and other large-scale jobs, these tools are a good choice.


Roll coater applicators spread hot melt on a large area. This is how they work. There are two steps in hot melt coating: First, you heat the hot melt and apply it to a surface. Then, you quickly cool the hot melt so that it hardens into an adhesive layer. A lot of people use this process to apply pressure-sensitive adhesives to thin materials, such as self-adhesive labels (stamps, stickers, and product labels). Take a look at one of our favorite roll-coaters here!


It’s possible for slot coating applicators to spread hot melt in areas that are less than an inch wide to as big as a foot wide. Slot coating systems can have as few as one applicator or as many as many. All of them can be set up to spread hot melt in complex patterns. Slot applicators are great for manufacturing and assembly lines, because they can move quickly and can be set up to coat multiple surfaces at the same time. They can be used for everything from cars to furniture.

Automobile Production

Best Apel USA Adhesive Applicator by Industry

They all have the same thing going on. When you think about how they’re made, packaged, and installed, almost all of them can use different types of adhesive applicators. Choosing the right hot melt adhesive applicator is very important so that you can get the strong long-lasting bond that hot melts are known for.


The construction industry is a great example of why there are so many good ways to apply hot melt adhesives. This is why there are so many good options. Using manual and automatic extrusion adhesive applicators for small manufacturing jobs or on-site installations will help you get the job done right the first time. As doors and countertops roll down the assembly line, spray applicators help get the job done quickly.


Construction also needs a wide range of hot melt adhesive applicators. This is true for the furniture industry, too. People who make big things like mattresses can use spray applicators to keep production lines moving. There are, however, both automatic and manual extrusion and slot coating adhesive applicators that do a good job of putting furniture together well.

Furniture Production


There are a lot of machines that can extrude hot melt adhesive in the packaging industry. If you shop online, you need to have a lot of packaging. They offer a quick and efficient way to keep up with the demand for packaging.

Slot coating applicators can be used to apply a layer of coating to small items like envelopes. Adhesive roll coater applicators are great for making self-adhesive stickers and labels for packaging, and they work well.


There are a lot of different hot melt adhesive applicators that you’ll likely need in the transportation field. Spray applicators are great for big projects, like airplanes and cars. They can speed up the process by dispensing a wide arc of hot melt all at once.

At the same time, there are a lot of small parts that are used in the transportation business. When it comes to these things, both slot and extrusion hot melt applicators can do the job. Hot melt adhesive applicators that can be manually extruded are very important in the most delicate places.

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