Top 5 Benefits of Metallocene Hot Melt


What is Metallocene Hot Melt, and how does it work?

Metallocene or metallocene blends are hot melts that have a lower volume and density than other hot melts, such as EVAs. Metallocene provides maximum strength while using less glue, making it ideal for applications where less adhesive is required without sacrificing strength.

With More Mileage, Premium Hot Melt

Metallocene hot melts are often more expensive than low-cost EVA formulations, but they can save money on machine maintenance and replacement parts. Metallocene is very kind on bulk equipment, therefore there will be no char in your nozzles or hoses. Because the equipment does not need to be cleaned or purged as frequently with Metallocene, there is less downtime. All of these advantages mean you’ll get more use out of your adhesives, which means you’ll save money in the long run!
Here are five reasons why metallocene can be an excellent product for a variety of applications if you’re seeking for reasons to test it out for your hot melt needs.

Metallocene Hot Melt Has Five Advantages

1 – Minimal or no stringing

Hot melt stringing is the fastest way to damage an application. It makes a mess, weakens bonds, and is a symptom of a faulty hot melt or incorrect equipment settings. A Metallocene hot melt can address a lot of stringing problems.

2 – Removes any char or gel buildup in the equipment.

Metallocene hot melt melts more evenly and lasts longer in the tank, resulting in less char. Less char means congested nozzles and hoses, which means less downtime (that means more profit).

3 – Low-odor environment

Although hot melt is a chemically safe adhesive, it can nonetheless stink. Cheap bulk hot melt materials can become annoying or uncomfortable, especially in poorly ventilated areas. Metallocene burns cleanly and has almost little odor.

4 – Extreme Temperature Resistant

Metallocene products are superior in terms of quality and heat and cold resistance. As a result, they can be employed in a variety of applications, such as freezer/refrigerator food goods or microwaveable packaging. Always test a product to ensure it will meet your specific requirements.

5 – Thermal Stability Provides Longer Pot Life

This has already been mentioned, but it’s worth repeating. Metallocene can withstand higher temperatures without charring or burning than typical EVA materials. This implies that if you aren’t going to use the tank for a while, you don’t have to switch it off and wait for it to heat up again. Again, less downtime equates to higher output.

Metallocene’s Most Common Uses

Metallocene has a lot of advantages over other forms of hot melt, but you need to be sure it’ll work for your application. Metallocene is excellent in reducing adhesive usage, equipment maintenance costs, and downtime while still forming strong connections and increasing mileage. Here are some of the most prevalent applications for metallocene, as well as some of our favorite products.


For packaging and end-of-line applications, the Infinity CleanPack is the ideal metallocene. It’s been particularly designed to adhere to cardboard and has all of the qualities of metallocene that we discussed previously.

Carton Case Sealing

Because it incorporates both EVA and metallocene hot melts, this Metallocene blend composition is a superb low-cost choice. This is an excellent budget-friendly choice that doesn’t compromise on clean melting or pot stability.

Packaging for Food

Because of its capacity to come into direct touch with food, the Direct Food Contact Safe and Low Odor hot melt is unique. Many hot melts are approved for indirect contact with food, but this product stands out since all of the glue’s components have been approved for direct contact.

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