Do brake dust covers really work?


What are brake dust covers? Plates, usually made of aluminum, that are sandwiched between the brake disc and rims. They’re supposed to keep your wheels from getting dirty, but do they actually help keep their shiny finish safe?

Disc brakes work by putting brake pads on a rotor, which is a disc that goes between the wheel and the axle. This causes friction, which slows your car down. The friction-generating material on these pads wears off over time, and some of this dust ends up on your shiny chrome rims. This is normal; it doesn’t mean there’s been a break down or that life expectancy has been slashed.

In other words, brake dust covers aren’t used to fix a problem with the car’s mechanics, but to make it look better.

In other words, brake dust covers aren’t used to fix a problem with the car’s mechanics, but to make it look better.

It makes shiny rims look bad when dark brake dust builds up. Some say it also messes with the finish of the rims. Brake dust covers are said to keep this grime from getting on the wheel, reducing damage and saving your spinners from getting stuck. The manual cleaning, which can be dirty and dangerous, could also be cut down if dust covers were true, which would also make it easier to clean.

No, they don’t. The answer is still as murky as a set of Range Rover rims after a weekend at Vermonster. If you want to buy a new accessory for your car, you should talk to a mechanic you trust and think about the following things before you do:

  • Expense: Prices for brake dust covers range from $30 to $40 for a pair, and there isn’t much competition in the market to drive prices down.
  • Looks: Covers hide your brakes from view, which means you can’t see any snazzy anodized or painted calipers that you might have on your car.
  • Performance: Most car covers have holes in them to let air cool them down, but performance drivers might want to see how well their cars work at high speeds.

It’s also possible to switch to Kevlar or ceramic brakes, which don’t let out as much dust but may be rougher on your rotors.

Dust covers are becoming more and more common on many types of cars and trucks. If you buy them as aftermarket accessories, they’re easy to put on. You just have to remove your wheel, fit the cover against the inside surface, and put the wheel back on. Before you spend money to cover the rear wheels, start with the front wheels. They make the most dust. And don’t forget to talk to your dealer if you think you’ve broken your car’s warranty.

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