How to Use Brake Cleaner

How to Use Brake Cleaner

People should always make sure that their cars have good brakes to keep them safe. If you can’t stop in the first place, airbags and traction control aren’t going to help you at all. Applying an aerosol brake cleaner can help remove any grease or brake fluid from the parts that need to be cleaned. Even though modern cars and trucks have braking systems that don’t need to be cleaned very often, this can help. Tire cleaner can also be used to remove “brake dust” that can build up on your wheels and stain them over time.

Step 1

It’s best to park your car in an area that has a lot of ventilation, like a garage.

Step 2

Remove the top of the can of brake cleaner. Put the plastic tube that came with the can into the spray nozzle.

Step 3

Spray a lot of it on and around your brake discs or drums, calipers, and brake pads. It’s also possible to spray some cleaner on your wheels if they have built up brake dust. Repeat until all the dirt and grease is washed away.

Clean your wheels with a lint-free cloth. Take some time to let the wheels and brake parts air dry before you drive again.

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