How to Increase The Usable Life of Your Super Glue


Count how many times you’ve gone to your tool shed to fix something and found your superglue, only to find that it’s turned to ice in the tube or bottle. There’s a good chance!

Many different types of this type of glue are called cyanoacrylates. There are times when these glues are too good at their jobs, and that’s where the storage problems start.

Here are some of the best ways to make your cyanoacrylate adhesive last longer:

  • Always close the lid on the bottle or tube. People don’t get their hands on the adhesive when they open the bottle. Moisture from the air can make the adhesive in the bottle harden or set up.
  • Keep the adhesive in the container it came in. Moisture can’t get in because of the special packaging. Also, moving glues to different containers may make them more likely to set in the air, which is what they’re meant to do.
  • The adhesive should be kept in the fridge. There are a lot of things you need to do to make sure it’s safe for you and your kids. When they get hot, the adhesives can harden up. This is because these adhesives are often temperature sensitive.
  • Before you open the lid, make sure the bottle is warm enough to touch. This helps to keep moisture from condensing. Moisture makes the adhesive thicken or cure in the bottle.
  • It’s important to wipe down the outside of the nozzle after each use to keep it clean. As soon as possible, put back on the lid. The lid won’t get stuck again and will be ready for when you need it next time.

You should always be careful when you handle and use these glues. Skin and eyes should be kept safe at all times. If there is a serious contact issue, get medical help right away.

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