Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?


Squeaky brakes can make a driver nervous, because brakes are thought to be the most important safety feature in a car. There are times when people are right to be worried because the brakes are going bad. Other times, though, there may be nothing wrong.

Some noise from the brakes is normal. Different driving conditions can make your brakes make a lot of noise, like when you brake hard, when it’s dusty or sandy, or when it’s humid. The semi-metal brake pads used on newer cars are harder, which makes some high-pitched noise when the cars brake. It’s better for the environment than asbestos, but the noise can be bothersome at times.

What makes the squeak? Some times, the metal rotor that the brake pads squeeze together can shake, making the sound of a squeaking noise. There are a lot of ways to fix this:

  • You can put a milk spray on the back of your pads. You can also put lotion or cream on them.
  • You can use sandpaper to get rid of hard spots on the surface of your brake pads or shoes.
  • Try out a different brand of brake pad, or

When you make changes to your brake system, you should have an expert do it. This is because your brakes are an important part of your car and should be done by an expert. Even though your brakes might make a noise, it might be because of another problem. Before you dismiss it as “normal brake noise,” have a mechanic check the noise to make sure it isn’t a more serious problem. Remember that brakes are supposed to make noises when they’re not working properly to let you know. This is actually a good thing, so don’t worry about it. It’s better to find out that your brakes are going bad by hearing a squeak than to jam on the brake and not be able to stop.

Have a small car? An unusual high-pitched noise is often heard on small cars. It is heard in the first few stops when the brakes are still wet. Some brands make more noise than others, but there’s a silver lining: These harder pads that have more metal tend to last longer because they’re stronger, so they’re more durable.

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