How to Remove Fly Paper Glue


In order to get rid of annoying flies, fly paper attracts and traps them on its sticky surface, where the flies die. There are two ways to use fly paper: You can hang it from the ceiling or stick it on the wall. It’s possible that when you peel off old fly paper from your wall, you’ll find some glue. Fly paper glue is important to get rid of because if you don’t, it will get dirty and become an eyesore on your wall. Use things you have around the house to remove all of the adhesive.

Step 1

Hair Dryer

To start, put the hair dryer on the low setting. Heat up the adhesive for about a minute. Because the dryer heats the glue, it makes it easier to get off.

Step 2

Pour some baby oil on a clean cloth. Baby oil should be used to rub the softened fly paper glue with. Make sure it is covered in baby oil all the way around. Make sure that the baby oil stays on the adhesive for a little while.

Step 3

Scrape the glue off of the surface with a plastic tool. As soon as you’ve removed as much adhesive as you can, add more baby oil and let it soften. Then, add baby oil and scrape off the adhesive until you’ve scraped off all of the glue.

Step 4


Use all-purpose cleaner and a clean cloth to clean the glue that has been stuck on. Remove all of the baby oil and any glue that is still on the surface of the surface.

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