How to Remove PVC Glue From Clothes


PVC glue, also known as “cement,” is a strong adhesive that works well when it’s used to stick PVC pipes together. The PVC glue is usually used with a deep-purple PVC primer. As soon as the glue gets on clothes, it’s a big deal. This cement is meant to stay there for a long time, so it’s hard to get off. With a little work and a few clever tricks, though, you can remove most, if not all, of the glue stain.

Step 1

If you want to scrape PVC glue, you can use a metal spatula to do it.
If you want to scrape PVC glue, you can use a metal spatula to do it.

The stained piece of clothing should be put in the freezer to get rid of the stains. This will make the glue hard and freeze. It will be about an hour before you take the thing out of the fridge. Scrape away the chunks of glue that are hard to get off with the scraper made of metal.

Step 2

Heat Treat the glue that is left to melt it away from the fabric. Make sure the iron is on a setting that is right for the type of fabric. Folded paper towels or cotton can be used to cover the glue spot. When you use a hot iron, press down on the paper towel. When you do this, the glue gets hot and melts. It then spreads on the towels. Repeat with new paper towels until there is no more glue left on the paper towels.

Step 3

Spray MITREAPEL Solvent Adhesive Cleaner Spray on the glue stain. Set the clothes away and let the MITREAPEL Solvent Adhesive Cleaner Spray sit for an hour. Remove glue stains with a soft cloth and clean water.

Step 4

Before you wash your clothes, apply pre-wash stain remover to the glue stain to get it clean. Let the remover do its job for a while. Rinse and dry the item as you normally would in the washing machine.

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