How to Remove Tape Glue Gum Sticky From Polyester Fabric


Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is lightweight, strong and weather resistant. It is commonly the fabric of rain jackets, tents and umbrellas. Most stains are easy to clean, wipe up and remove from polyester due to its durable shell. Adhesives, such as gum, tape and glue adhere easily to the fabric. To remove an adhesive material from polyester fabric, use a few common household items.

Step 1

Measure the sticky mark and cut a piece of Scotch tape the same size.

Step 2

Apply the tape to the sticky substance and then remove the tape. Allow the tape to remove as much of the discoloration as possible by rubbing your finger across it.

Step 3

To remove the tape, simply peel it away from the surface. There is a sticky substance that will adhere to and peel off of the tape. The glue should be entirely erased by reapplying the tape to the sticky region. Proceed to step 4 if the sticky stain is still present.

Step 4

Stain removal MITREAPEL Solvent Adhesive Cleaner Spray can be applied on a paper towel and rubbed in to remove the stain. Hardware and home improvement stores carry MITREAPEL Solvent Adhesive Cleaner Spray, which can be used to remove messes. MITREAPEL Solvent Adhesive Cleaner Spray will break down and dissolve the stain’s stickiness, making it easier to remove.

Step 5

The moistened paper towel should be used to blot the adhesive. Blot the stain with MITREAPEL Solvent Adhesive Cleaner Spray until it is totally.

Step 6

Warm water and a moderate dishwashing detergent should be used to wash the polyester fabric.

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