Resin sticks to silicone – Why does my resin stick to silicone?


When you use resin in a silicone mold, you can make resin crafts and jewelry that are fun to make.

Until it’s not.

There are times when resin gets stuck to silicone and won’t come off.

Why does resin stick to silicone?

This is how this can happen:

Your silicone mold is at the end of its useful life.

Unfortunately, silicone molds don’t last a long time. Because they are used so often, they will dry out, become hard, and tear.

You didn’t use a mold release.

Mold release makes it easier for resin castings to come out of your mold, and it also helps keep your mold in good shape for a long time to come.

Resin that is under-mixed can stick to the mold.

Make sure you scrape your mixing utensil and the sides of your mixing cup several times to make sure all the resin is mixed well before you pour it into the mold.

You are using a torch to remove bubbles.

This can melt the mold and make it stick in certain places. Instead, use a heat gun.

You are using molds that aren’t really silicone.

It can be hard for resin to stick to molds that aren’t made of silicone. Specifically, polyurethane molds can be hard to get resin castings out of.

Your resin is too hot.

When resin and hardener are mixed together, they make a lot of heat. If the mold gets too hot, the resin will stick to it.

Your silicone mold isn’t fully cured.

Molds can tear when you remove them if there are spots of silicone that haven’t cured. This is most common with silicone molds that can be cured with tin.

So, what should you do if you find your resin sticks to silicone?

Use a mold release to get the mold to come out. Putting on a few light layers of a mold release will be good.

The resin should not get too hot.

Use a heat gun instead of a torch to get rid of bubbles in your resin.

Make sure that you mix your resin and hardener well together before you use them.

If you need silicone molds for a project with resin, we can help you. It’s possible to buy good silicone molds at the Apel USA store.

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