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APEL BK40 Multi Purpose Lubricant Spray Penetrant Aerosol | Silicone Free – 14 fl oz

• Stops squeaks.
• Penetrates surfaces perfectly.
• Cleans and protects.
• Removes corrosion.
• Helps to remove grease.

APEL BK40 Multi Purpose Lubricant Spray Penetrant Aerosol | Silicone Free – 7 fl oz

• Stops squeaks.
• Cleans and protects.
• Removes corrosion.
• Helps to remove grease.

APEL MG700 Mirror Adhesive 100% Silicone Fast Curing Construction Adhesive

• It does not cause corrosion on the mirrors and does not cause color diversity.
• Made of 100% hybrid polymer technology. It cures fast.
• Odorless both during and after curing.
• Very good initial bonding and short press time.
• No loss in volume after fully cured. Elastic.

APEL AS700 Aquarium 100% Silicone Sealant

• 100% silicone. It cures fast.
• After it is cured it does not harm fishes or other living creatures.It has very high physical resistance and a high adhesive power.
• It is a single component adhesion and sealing material which is cured with the humidity in the air.
• It is cured with acetoxy system.
• It can be used in the environments which are constantly exposed to water.

APEL BK10 Industrial Penetrating Oil – 6 Pack

• It provides protection against corrosion and rust by keeping the moisture away from metal surfaces.
• With MoS2 additive, it provides protection by minimizing the friction under vibration and force, even at high temperatures.
• With perfect surface spread, it provides total protection.

APEL Extreme Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive

• Short press time (~15mins)
• Transparent
• Fast curing
• Tixotropic curing. Won’t fall off on vertical surfaces.

APEL PA300 Waterproof Polyurethane Glue, Marine Glue for Boats and RVs

• Can bond different types of materials.
• Not affected by high-heat, moisture or water.
• Solvent-free.
• Can fill gaps of materials

APEL PF360 Window & Door Insulating Foam Sealant Gap Filler

• Cures with the moist in the air and gets a rigid form after cured.
• Heat, water and acoustic insulation.
• Cured foam can be trimmed, cut or painted over.
• Water-resistant after cured, contains protective chemicals against bacterial spoilage.
• Durable against UV rays. Ozone-friendly.

APEL SS700 Multipurpose 100% Silicone Sealant Clear Waterproof

• %100 Silicone
• Long elongation.
• High elasticity.
• Contains protectives against mold and bacterial spoilage.
• Acetoxy curing.
• Strong bonding even on smooth and shiny surfaces.

APEL TA300 Foam Gun Cleaner

• Ready to use, directly spray over the polyurethane foam and clean with a dry cloth.
• Can be both used to clean foam-guns.
• Specially designed for both gun cleaning and pipette cleaning.

MITREAPEL Solvent Adhesive Cleaner Spray

  • Removes the adhesive from undesired surfaces.
  • Cleans and leaves no trace.

MITREAPEL 100 ml Super CA Glue with Spray Adhesive Activator – Apel USA

• Can bond in seconds when used with Mitreapel Adhesive Activator.
• Strong and durable bonding.
• Very fast curing time (5 – 12 seconds).
• Low consumption. A single drop can hold heavy objects.